How To Sleep on an Airplane

Calling all the queens and kings of naps! I don’t know about you, but I love me a good nap. As Boromir put it best in the LOTR…


Or something like that.

But, why can’t it be simple? I’m here today to talk to you about how to sleep on an airplane and 5 products that can help you do so more “comfortably”. 🙂


I purchased all the items in this post with my own money. However, this post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please visit my disclosure page. Thank you! 🙂

How to Sleep on an Airplane : Step 1

Lights Out.

I must admit, for a LONG time I’ve looked at these little eye masks and thought “ooh, that’s cute” and have never really used one. However, I have changed my tune! Eye masks might not be the most essential if you are taking a day time trip that will only be a couple hours (unless you actually are planning a nap in this short time).


On the other hand, if you are taking a long trip (especially one that will involve you flying through various time zones), an eye mask is the first step towards being able to nap comfortably. The neat thing about the eye mask I have pictured here is that it is concave shaped around the eye areas to allow for maximum light blockage. This eye mask is ridiculously comfortable and it comes with an adjustable head strap. Of course, I had to purchase the option with a cute pattern. However, I did purchase the same mask in plain black for my husband. Honestly, I’ve come to love this face mask so much that I even use it to help me sleep at home!

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How to Sleep on an Airplane : Step 2

Peace & Quiet.

Your next step in shutting out the world and heading on your way to “nap town” is getting some peace and quiet. This can be achieved a couple ways. I personally prefer to use bluetooth noise canceling earphones. They can be how-to-sleep-on-an-airplanemultipurpose: playing audio or ear plugs. I’m an avid music listener so I typically put on some ambient music or white noise to peacefully lull me to sleep. It works every time! If I’m not in the mood to listen to music, I still find these earphones to be helpful ear plugs to drown out other noises about the airplane.

If you rarely listen to music or simply don’t want to spend money on earphones at this time, you can easily purchase a simple set of ear plugs to achieve the same effect of blocking out environmental noises. The neat thing about the face mask mentioned above is that they came with a pair of complimentary ear plugs. Score! 🙂

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BONUS: Check out the SPOTIFY playlist I made below full of my favorite ambient music and white noises to help you catch some Zzzz’s.

How to Sleep on an Airplane : Step 3

Like a Cloud.

If you’re not a stranger to flying on planes you’ll know that there are a variety of pillows styles available for your airplane comfort needs. Some options are how-to-sleep-on-an-airplanedown right weird and some are pretty classic. I personally consider myself to be a classic pillow gal. You see my adorable panda pillow pictured here (yas, alliteration). He’s comfy, he’s soft, he’s super cute. He sports the classic U-shaped airplane pillow shape. What’s important is that you find a pillow that you feel both comfortable sleeping on and being seeing in public with.

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How to Sleep on an Airplane : Step 4

Snug as a Bug.

This step can be optional depending on whether you’re a person whose body runs cold most of the time. Airplanes can be pretty unpredictable. One minute the fan is on you full blast, then the next minute you can’t seem to get enough air for some reason. I personally typically run cold AND I also like to be prepared.


Having a travel blanket on hand means that no matter how cold it gets I can always feel comfy cozy. Also, bringing your own blanket from home means that you know how clean it is and exactly where it’s been. Not that airline blankets aren’t clean, but it’s always nice to have that peace of mind. This travel blanket I purchased comes with a nice little carrying strap so you can neatly wrap up and secure your blanket. Also, if you have no more room in your carry on you can hold it by the strap.

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How to Sleep on an Airplane : Step 5

Rest Your Feet.

I. AM. EXCITED. This is hands down my favorite product. This thing is so basic (and it’s not pretty), but if you’re a shorter person you probably know how-to-sleep-on-an-airplane-foot-restthe struggle. Typically, I find myself struggling to reach the provided foot rest or uncomfortably trying to rest my knees up against the chair in front of me. I have discovered that there is such an item as this, which can help you elevate your feet when you need to sit for long periods of time. Elevating your feet during long flights can help improve circulation and reduce or prevent swelling if you are prone to that. Another bonus of this product is that not only can it be used on long flights, but you can also use it to elevate your feet at your 9-5 desk job. 🙂

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Sweet Dreams!

On that note, I hope that one or many of these items can help you on your way to better sleep on your next flight. KD and I wish you the sweetest of dreams. ♥

Also, as an extra “thank you” for reading, here’s a sleepy time Spotify playlist that I created just for you!

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